July 19, 2024

Temilade Adelaja

  • March 29, 2024
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Temilade Adelaja


WE know life like a slant
a few steps and bends
back and forth, to and fro
soft smiles and thuds
rides you like a storm
we are all moving things
in jolly and rolly polly through life’s
phases, leisurely or swiftly
in dread and guts
half-heartedness and gusto
we bump into many unknown
yet, on the road, by the day
we know life, more, by the day.

Img 20240329 Wa0006


HERE’S a peasant’s tale:
here and there, there’s a surge
a quest for more, legs on pedals
tyres undulating on the tar
hands, firm in grip on the grip
containers standing between the top tube and on the rack
thirst must quench itself, though the way be long
and bones weary, though the quest be tough
and the sun burns, life must be watered
as shadows dark the day.

* Adelaja, a photographer and writer of Nigerian descent, interweaves her pictures with words curated from her evaluative ideas; she practices thematized literature and explores niche activities in her craft

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