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Fishing in Okuama

  • April 4, 2024
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Fishing in Okuama

By Clement Odia

I heard the anger of two brothers
The bulging muscles of Okoloba strangling the might of Okuama
Over fishing right.
Green vultures descended on Okuama to ask questions with assault rifles
And three died in Okuama.

The silent Okuama rumbled with vengeance
And seventeen gallant officers and men lie decapitated

That was fishy!

A voice thundered in Aso Rock
Fish out their killers!
The brothers of green vultures stormed Okuama to fish.
Dark smoke took hold of the sky over Okuama
Their waters muddied with blood
Children vultured without restraint.

That was fishy!

Okuama captured by local slave masters
Okuama oil ambushed
Roads barricaded
Okuama oil stolen

That was fishy!

Who killed the brothers of the green vultures?
Fish out the killers!
Who burned down Okuama?
Fish out the arsonists!
Who stole Okuama oil?
Fish out the thieves!

Fish out those who fished in the blood of Okuama!
Let the battle cry raise the dead
And ask who killed the brothers of the green vultures.
Until we ask the dead real questions
Everything remains fishy!

* Odia (PhD) teaches at the Department of English and Literature, University of Benin, Benin City

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