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Aig-Imoru’s ‘Fulfilling Purpose’ for launch December 10

  • December 2, 2023
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Aig-Imoru’s ‘Fulfilling Purpose’ for launch December 10

By Editor

THE founder of Hope for Life Initiative, Kendi Aig-Imoru, is set for the public unveiling of her latest book entitled Fulfilling Purpose. the book launch scheduled for Sunday, December 10, 2023, and starts from 2:00pm at Radisson Blu, Victoria Island, Lagos. The life-enriching book primarily talks about destiny and answers the fundamental question of man’s journey on earth.

The book equally dwells on providing meaning to fulfilling purpose using various keys that include biblical principles while recognizing the power of God at the same time. In the absorbing book, emphasis is placed on vital questions to ask in order to fulfil the assignment and to live a life in alignment with what God created man for. It’s a wakeup call that our existence is spiritual and can be guided.

“We are all on a journey on a path that can either be in alignment or out of it,” the author said. “The book shares a perspective that everyone should have a hunger and commitment to embrace who they are and provides what should motivate you and guide you, shape your goals and give you direction. Fulfilling Purpose is intentional and the book provides keys to help anyone fulfill purpose whether in Christian or secular life. Using the map in the book, Fulfilling Purpose is to live your unique calling which gives satisfaction in the journey as the essence is to win. To look deeply at our lives and ask what are we all looking for?”

Author of Fulling Purpose, Kendi Aig-Imoru

The playwright, novelist and legal practitioner Reginald Chiedu Ofodile said of the author, “Kendi Aig-Imoru has accomplished an insightful analysis of the spiritual. Her approach is both fierce and gentle. She substantiates her theses with momentous incidents. These are human feats of faith and bravery.”

An economist turned journalist and currently the founder and executive director Hope for Life Initiative, a nonprofit organization, Aig-Imoru holds a Master’s degree in Public and International Affairs from the University of Lagos and has some basic knowledge of French and Greek. Over the past years, she has worked as a teacher, editor for a news and marketing magazine, journalist and an on-air-personality for both radio and television at local and international levels. Aig-Imoru is currently news contributor for an international magazine.

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