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Shoneyin appointed Chairman of University of Lagos Press, Bookshop Board

  • December 18, 2023
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Shoneyin appointed Chairman of University of Lagos Press, Bookshop Board

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THE author of The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives and organiser of Ake Arts and Book Festival, Lola Shoneyin has been appointed Chairman of University of Lagos Press and Bookshop. The appointment is in recognition of her outstanding contribution to literature and literacy. EKO Book Club, one of the Literary initiatives of the Society of Young Nigerian Writers (SYNW), has extended its heartfelt congratulations to Shoneyin on the recent appointment, saying it is well deserved and reflects not only Shoneyin’s outstanding contributions to the literary world but also her commitment to fostering a vibrant literary environment within educational institutions.

The Coordinator of Eko Book Club, Fauzat Modupeola Kalejaye commended Shoneyin for her new role, highlighting the significance of her leadership in promoting literature and education. Kalejaye said Shoneyin’s unwavering dedication to advancing literary initiatives and creating meaningful connections within the literary community recommended her for the role.

Lola Shoneyin

In addition to her chairmanship at UNILAG, Shoneyin has garnered further accolades, notably being recognized among the Financial Times’ most influential women of 2023. The Eko Book Club takes pride in celebrating Shoneyin’s achievements, recognizing her as a trailblazer whose impact extends beyond national borders. Shoneyin’s multifaceted accomplishments as a writer and cultural advocacy have resonated globally, making her a beacon of inspiration for aspiring writers and literary enthusiasts.

The Eko Book Club acknowledged the depth of her influence and applauds her commitment to promoting literature as a powerful tool for social change. As the literary community rejoices in Shoneyin’s achievements, Eko Book Club reaffirmed its dedication to supporting and collaborating with influential figures who share a passion for literature. The club looks forward to continued collaboration with Shoneyin in fostering a culture of reading, learning, and intellectual engagement within the University of Lagos community and beyond. Last month Shoneyin held the seventh edition of her Ake festival that had several African writers and artists in attendance.

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