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‘Saro the Musical’ returns to stage after 10 years, set to capture hearts and soul of Lagosians

  • December 19, 2023
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‘Saro the Musical’ returns to stage after 10 years, set to capture hearts and soul of Lagosians

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LAGOSIANS will be served a rich musical and theatrical feast from December 22, 24, 26, 29, 30 through January 1st and 2nd 2024 at Terra Theatre Arena, Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, as BAP Productions returns with Saro the Musical. First performed in December 2014 to popular acclaim, Saro the Musical has since given rise to many musical theatres of immense success. BAP Productions has gone on to produce some genre defining musical theatre pieces that have toured the world.

A statement from the producers say, “In the heartbeat of Nigeria’s entertainment capital, the legendary Bolanle Austen-Peters is set to dazzle audiences once again with the upcoming production of Saro the Musical at the iconic Terra Kulture Arena. Known for her unparalleled commitment to showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of Nigeria, Austen-Peters promises a theatrical experience that transcends boundaries and captivates the soul.

Saro the Musical Is not merely a stage performance; it is a family-oriented play suitable for all ages, a celebration of Lagos, the city of excellence, a city pulsating with energy, dreams, and an unbeatable spirit. As the curtains rise, the audience will be transported into the lives of four young men, determined to break free from the clutches of frustration and embrace the opportunities that Lagos promises.”

The sensational Bolanle Austen-Peters is renowned for her groundbreaking 10 years plus achievements in movies and theatre productions. She brings her artistic prowess to bear on the return of Saro in its 10th year anniversary, as she infuses it with a unique blend of advanced storytelling, modern music, and enticing dance. Having garnered success for her previous works like the original Saro the musical 10 years ago, Wakaa the Musical, Fela and the Kalakuta Queens, Queen Moremi the Musical, The Oluronbi Musical, Death and the King’s Horseman, Trials of Brother Jero, Man Enough, and recently Motherland the Musical, Austen-Peters continues to push creative and artistic boundaries, creating experiences that resonate with diverse audiences.

According to Austen-Peters, “I am thrilled to bring ‘Saro the Musical’ to life. This production is a tribute to the resilience and creative spirit of Lagosians. It is a reminder that our dreams can thrive, even in the midst of challenges.”

The stellar cast, carefully curated for their exceptional talent and ability to breathe life into their characters, includes Gideon Okeke as Azeez, the leader as Hector Amiwero-Laitan, the thinker as Nonzo Bassey-Obaro, the dreamer as Emeka Nwagbaraocha-Efe, the charmer and Bimbo Manuel as Don Ceeto. Their performances promise to be nothing short of extraordinary that is bound to leave an indelible impression on the hearts of the audience.

As anticipation builds up for the opening night, Austen-Peters has extended an invitation to everyone who seeks not just entertainment but an immersion into the cultural heartbeat and soul of Lagos, saying, “Saro the Musical is not just a show, it’s an exploration of dreams, a testament to the human spirit, and a celebration of our collective heritage. Join us as we embark on an energetic cultural experience, celebrating the magic of Saro the Musical and the relentless spirit of Lagos!”

Set in modern day Lagos, Saro portrays the lives of four young men who are determined to become successful despite frustration and perennial lack of opportunities to explore their musical talents and realise their dreams. It tells a story of their journey from the comfort of their multi-ethnic villages seeking a better life in the city of Lagos, which is seen as a land of freedom and opportunities.[3][4] On getting to Lagos, they find that not all that glitters is gold and ‘blowing’ will take more than just a stroke of luck. Having just arrived in Yaba, they are mugged by agberos and end up in prison alongside their attackers following an altercation. Their dreams of making it appear bleak until the smooth-talking and stylish Don Ceeto swaggers in. Don Ceeto takes the boys home and with some help from Derry Black, he cleans them up and sets them up on the road to stardom.

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