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Daniel Olukoya, Femi Esho team up to build Africa’s first music museum, empire

  • May 20, 2024
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Daniel Olukoya, Femi Esho team up to build Africa’s first music museum, empire

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A monumental and unprecedented project is currently in the works, designed to revolutionize Africa’s music landscape. This groundbreaking initiative will not only captivate the nation but also make waves across the entire African continent. The collaboration between two eminent figures— a distinguished preacher and General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya and a renowned music expert and founder of Evergreen Musical Company, Chief Femi Esho – marks the beginning of an extraordinary cultural venture.

The project, spearheaded by the Evergreen Music Heritage Foundation, aims to establish the largest music empire ever seen in Africa. Slated for completion by the end of the year, the empire will encompass a comprehensive music museum, an extensive music library, a gallery featuring head busts of iconic artists, over 1,000 historical photographs of Nigerian musicians dating back to 1914, relics of vintage costumes and musical instruments, an event center for concerts, a cinema theatre and a recording studio. This all-encompassing centre is set to become a premier tourist destination, drawing music enthusiasts from around the globe to celebrate the rich heritage of Nigerian music.

The Chairman of Evergreen Music Heritage Foundation and celebrated music aficionado, Chief Esho, is joined by Olukoya as patron for this massive project. Olukoya, renowned primarily for his profound spiritual leadership, also harbors a deep passion for music. His extensive knowledge spans various genres, including highlife, juju, folklore, traditional music, reggae, country music, and gospel. This passion is evident in the music ministry of his church, MFM, whose choir has garnered international acclaim.

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Artist impression of Evergreen Music Heritage Foundation

Dr. Olukoya’s collaboration with Chief Esho may surprise some, but those familiar with church leader’s background recognize his dedication to music. A former music teacher, Dr. Olukoya’s influence has significantly shaped the MFM choir, which performs notable highlife and folklore compositions, emphasizing their moral and cultural values. Olukoya’s multifaceted expertise—ranging from being a first-class graduate and pioneering scientist to a respected preacher—complements his role as patron of Evergreen Music Heritage Foundation. His financial and moral support have been instrumental in advancing the historic project.

The Executive Secretary of the foundation, Bimbo Esho, acknowledges Dr. Olukoya’s invaluable contributions and underscores the need for continued support. The project, located at Oyedele Ogunniyi Street, Anthony Village, Ikeja, Lagos, requires further financial backing to achieve its full potential.

“We call upon music enthusiasts and lovers of Nigerian music worldwide to support this dream,” Bimbo Esho appeals. “This initiative represents a legacy that will preserve and celebrate the enduring values and rich history of our music for generations to come. It is a place where the youth can immerse themselves in quality music and explore the rich musical heritage of Nigeria.”

The Evergreen Music Heritage Foundation promises to be a historic landmark, celebrating Nigeria’s musical heritage and serving as a beacon for future generations. The collaboration between Olukoya and Esho underscores the transformative power of music and the importance of preserving its legacy.

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