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Ogbor simplifies the entrepreneurial journey in ‘Thriving as an Entrepreneur’

  • February 26, 2024
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Ogbor simplifies the entrepreneurial journey in ‘Thriving as an Entrepreneur’

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PURPLE Shelves Literary Services has released Thriving as an Entrepreneur: Navigating Challenges and Unleashing Potential by Dr. Sylvanus Ogbor, and available in bookstores nationwide from early February 2024. This insightful piece of work is a guide for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

In contemporary Nigeria where entrepreneurship has become synonymous with everyday life, Thriving as an Entrepreneur takes centre stage as a timely and relevant resource material. Ogbor is a seasoned entrepreneur, and provides a comprehensive roadmap for navigating the challenges and unlocking the immense potential inherent in the entrepreneurial journey in this book.

The key themes in Thriving as an Entrepreneur Ogbor provides include ‘Essence of Entrepreneurship’ in which he unravels the traits that define successful entrepreneurs while offering practical insights on how to cultivate these qualities, ‘Navigating Challenging Times’ in which the author provides a pragmatic guide for entrepreneurs facing the unique challenges of contemporary business landscape. rom adapting to evolving economic conditions to harnessing technology, the book offers actionable strategies for thriving amid uncertainty, and ‘Self-Care for Entrepreneurs’ in which he recognises the importance of well-being, with emphasises on the significance of self-care for entrepreneurs, ensuring they remain resilient and equipped to face the demands of their ventures.

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Dr. Sylvanus Ogbor

Ogbor is a seasoned entrepreneur, mentor, and thought leader with a wealth of experience in the business realm. His passion for empowering entrepreneurs is evident in the practical wisdom and insights shared throughout Thriving as an Entrepreneur. He is an adept professional with a background in Food Science and Technology, a Masters degree in Business Administration and a doctorate in Business Management, specialising in leadership and change management.

With over 30 years of experience, he is a leading consultant at Cleole Nigeria Limited, offering expertise in business start-ups, growth strategies, empowerment, team building, entrepreneurial skills, leadership development, and change management. A Harvard-trained leader and fellow of prestigious institutions, Sylvanus has successfully consulted for major players in the food industry and serves as an importer of food, raw materials and equipment, representing companies globally. He currently conducts webinars and master classes, sharing his insights on diversification and growth strategies for entrepreneurs.

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