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Making books accessible across all formats

  • May 21, 2024
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Making books accessible across all formats

* Launch of Accessible Studybase e-learning platform

By Gbadega Adedapo


AS an organisation who prides herself in making contents accessible across all formats, we are excited to introduce to you our customised curriculum-based learning management software in Nigeria called “Accessible Studybase Learning Management Platform”. This virtual platform incorporated a teaching series for all the subjects in our various textbooks as approved by the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), which is the educational regulatory body in Nigeria.

Over the past few months, we have engaged highly qualified and seasoned teachers to virtually teach all subjects as presented in our textbooks from elementary classes to Senior Secondary School classes, all in the bid to make learning and development easier for students and to augment physical teaching deficiencies for students both within and outside the school period.

It is important to understand our inspiration behind this project. You’d agree with me that reading is ingrained in our daily lives whether we realise it or not. A significant portion of our daily communication happens through our social media engagement, text messages, emails, and messaging apps. Reading and learning is involved in our professional and academic lives and in navigating our environment.

In all of these, we realise that most of our reading and learning process nowadays are 80% in digital form, that is, through our respective gadgets. Therefore, we thought it will be great to package our contents and book products to fit into what people are mostly interested in – the gadgets.

Like the proverbial expression of Arab origin states, “If the mountain does not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain” which means If things aren’t going your way, you’ll have to adjust to the way they are.

In our own organisation, we live by our name – Making Books Accessible Across all formats (e-book, audio books, braille, virtual learning) and this new product – Accessible Studybase is a testament and proof of what is possible. The platform is capable of Interactive multimedia contents (PowerPoint slides, audio clips, images) with captions and illustrations.

Img 20240521 Wa0015

Accessible Publishers’ Authors’ Showcase of its children’s book writers:- Mr. Anote Ajeluorou (left); Mrs. Bolaji Ladipo; MD/CEO, Accessible Publishers Ltd, Mr. Gbadega Adedapo and Funmi Ilori at the Nigeria International Book Fair 2024… in Lagos

More importantly, Accessible Studybase was borne out of the need to build resilience and to sustain the publishing industry beyond today. COVID taught us resilience and also served as a catalyst for change, innovation, and introspection, prompting individuals, societies, and organizations to re-evaluate their priorities, strengthen their resilience, and prepare for the future. Accessible Publishers have accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by taking advantage of the synergy between IT and Publishing to enhance the learning process and improve school operational cost.

Let me emphasize that we still have physical books, but the e-learning platform provides a leverage and serve as additional resource from other experts’ viewpoints to further boost our knowledge, and to augment our curriculum-based textbooks.

Unique Features of Studybase APP

ASIDE the content and virtual classes, the platform is very robust and comprehensive. It is loaded with an end-to-end school management software with modules such as Enquiry/Admission Module, Students Profiling, Teachers Profiling, Documents Hub, School Fees, Management/Online Payment gateway, Attendance Management, Calendar, Teachers Leave, Exams Result, Question Banks, Session/Class/Groups, Lesson Planning, Online Exams, Library, Expense Management, Inventory, School Timetable, 360 Feedback, Custom Reports, Analytics, Salary Management with Biometrics, Messaging & SMS Integration and Compatibility with Assisted Technologies (AI).

Students can start preparing themselves ahead of BECE, NECO & WAEC examinations themselves either with or without the supervision of their teachers. There is a robust question bank for revisions, assignments, tests, and other practical exercises, and markings are automated.

The contents are curriculum compliant in line with the standards of the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC). Students can have access to further learning materials from other teachers/instructors’ perspectives.

The platform is subscription based (yearly, termly, or monthly) and it is for the use of schools, teachers, parents and individuals. More details will be shared by our digital Publishing Manager, Dapo Adebayo in the course of his presentation and unveiling of the platform.

Furthermore, our success is plausible with credence to the dedication of our team members and partners abroad. As I always say, “You don’t win alone, you win with your team”. A thank you to everyone who made this a reality.

Author’s Presentation

LET me use this medium to announce that this is a 2 in 1 programme. We intend to introduce series of our newly published children’s books as well, written by fantastic authors and lovers of children educational contents.

Eight series of Yoruba Dun Yato fun awon omode ati alakoobere, by Mrs. Bolaji Ladipo, a woman who is passionate about educating children in Indigenous languages, with delightful Yoruba children’s contents. You are most welcome.

Also, we have the iRead Series for pre-nursery textbooks on Social Education, Numeracy, Knowledge and Literacy all written by Funmi Ilori, the founder of iRead Mobile Library, Nigeria’s foremost innovative books on wheels for children. She is also the CEO of iRise Model Schools.

We also have Brides of Infidels and Igho Goes to Farm by Anote Ajeluorou, reputable journalist and creative writer in our midst.

These authors would briefly talk about their books and the inspiration behind the publications, and how best these products can help the children’s cognition in their formative stage.


BEFORE I draw this address to a close, I would like to extend, once again, a warm welcome to our distinguished banking partner, Union Bank of Nigeria, Plc, who have set aside their busy schedules to grace this special event with their presence and gifts in solidarity with our programme.

Once more, I welcome you all and I do hope you enjoy the rest of the program.

Thank you.

* Adedapo, the MD/CEO of Accessible Publishers Limited, Nigeria
(Formerly Rasmed Publications), addressed some stakeholders at the launch of Accessible Studybase Learning Management Platform on Friday, May 10, 2024 at the Nigeria International Book Fair in Lagos

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