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Inspiro Productions unveils Lagos Global Afrobeats Kulture Festival 2023

  • November 13, 2023
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Inspiro Productions unveils Lagos Global Afrobeats Kulture Festival 2023

By Editor

LEADING creative economy company Inspiro Productions has unveiled Lagos Global Afrobeats Kulture Festival (Lagos GAKFEST 2023), a week-long celebration poised to take place from December 3 – 10, 2023. This extravaganza will be spread across two iconic venues – Bay Lounge Waterfront and The Lekki Coliseum, both in the Lekki phase 1 area of Lagos. Inspiro Productions is committed to elevating Nigeria’s cultural landscape and contributing to the growth of the country’s creative economy.

Afrobeats is currently one of the fastest growing music genres in the world with its trailblazers undoubtedly Nigerians, with Lagos, Nigeria, being Afrobeats capital of the world, and producing most of the stars who have exploded to other parts of the globe in recent years. Currently, Afrobeats is fast reshaping the sound and texture of popular music globally. Certainly, it’s Afrobeats moment!

The Lagos Global Afrobeats Kulture Festival is part of a multi-city and multi-sound touring music, arts and culture extravaganza will kick off in Lagos, Nigeria, and moving to other major global cities. The event is positioned to be one of the most prominent events on the African cultural calendar and a spectacular celebration of Nigerian and African music, dance, art, and culture. The festival will showcase the city’s role as a global hub for Afrobeats music while promoting cultural diversity, unity, and artistic expression. It offers a multi-dimensional experience that celebrates the essence of Afrobeats music, cultural exchange, and reinforces Lagos’ position as a vibrant cultural destination.

Founder, Lagos Global Afrobeats Kulture Festival, Mr. Ayoola Sadare

Planned to be held over a week, the event incorporates music performances, dance showcases, fashion runway, Art and photo exhibitions, masterclasses and workshops, Next Rated Talent Hunt, pop-up marketplace, among others. Conceived by Ayoola Sadare, the festival director and the visionary behind two decades of successful events, Lagos GAKFEST aims to unite cultures, empower youth, and stimulate dialogue on critical societal themes.

In a statement Sadare said, “What distinguishes Lagos GAKFEST is its immersive content – a dynamic blend of music, dance, fashion, art and more. Beyond a music festival, Lagos GAKFEST is a celebration of creativity that taps into the pulse of Lagos, showcasing the vibrancy and talent embedded in Nigeria’s cultural DNA’. As a company deeply rooted in the fabric of Lagos and Nigeria’s entertainment, we founded GAKFEST to create an annual touring spectacle that not only spotlights the brilliance of Afrobeats but also champions the development of our local creative economy with a view to exporting it. This festival is a platform for emerging talents and a source of pride for our city and nation.”

This year’s theme “Redefining National Migration Initiatives by Developing Local Creative Economy” reflects our commitment to addressing current national and trans-national challenges. The creative economy is a potent force against the pervasive ‘japa’ culture, as it providing avenues for self-expression, innovation, and economic empowerment. Lagos GAKFEST will inject vitality into the Nigerian spirit, and attract local and international attention. Beyond the cultural spectacle, the festival will generate economic opportunities, support local businesses, reinforce and position Lagos, as the Afrobeats capital of the world and reinforce its place as the global hub of Afrobeats. Lagos GAKFEST 2023 invites everyone to partake in a week where the rhythms of Afrobeats will echo throughout the city, shaping narratives and propelling the creative economy forward. Performing artistes and other participants at the festival will be unveiled in due course.

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