June 14, 2024

BridgeAfric in Malawi: AFRIMA president urges collaboration in African music community

  • March 23, 2024
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BridgeAfric in Malawi: AFRIMA president urges collaboration in African music community

* Taps Bandawe, Priscilla Nsane, DJ Neptune as top acts

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IN continuation of promoting and showcasing African artistes and providing them with platforms to reach a global audience beyond their home countries, President and Executive Producer of All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA), Mr. Mike Dada, will be sharing his thought at the BridgeAfric’s Southern Africa launch in Malawi today, March 23, 2024. BridgeAfric is a revolutionary initiative aimed at connecting African artistes and industry professionals across the continent. It’s led by the dynamic Victoria Nkong.

With the theme ‘Importance of Fostering Collaboration within the African Music Community,’ Dada would be speaking on the significance of working together in promoting African music on a global scale. In his statement, the AFRIMA president noted that there are potential for growth and successes that come from uniting artistes, producers, and other stakeholders in the industry.

Dada, who lauded BridgAfric for its efforts in connecting Malawian artistes with industry professionals and helping them to build their careers and reach a wider audience, said he is committed to supporting initiatives like BridgAfric that empower African artistes to promote the rich diversity of African music. He believes that by working together, they can create a more vibrant and inclusive music industry that celebrates the talent and creativity of artistes from across the continent.

“This is very significant for the growth, development and promotion of the arts and music industry in Africa, especially when you look at it from the point of view of collaborations, the Malawi music industry and connecting to the centre of the journey of the ongoing movements and the development of the African industry to the global audience,” Dada submitted.

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BridgeAfric President, Victoria Nkong

Speaking on its widely acknowledged Africa’s prestigious annual music awards, Dada noted, “AFRIMA is for Africans, and everybody is entitled to be part of it. Malawi is entitled to be part of it as an African country. If you are a Malawian, it’s your right to be part of it. I think from records, if I’m correct, only two or three artistes from Malawi have won the AFRIMA Awards in the past. So, we encourage more Malawians to be part of it, so that you can get the benefit of being part of the collective movement of the continent. They should come on board more when it’s time for the submission of works. They should be part of the people to submit their works, because we believe they have good sound and music coming from Malawi, so they should use AFRIMA platform to showcase to the rest of the world.”

Expressing her excitement, BridgeAfric President, Nkong noted that AFRIMA president’s insights and expertise will undoubtedly provide valuable knowledge and inspiration to all those who will attend the Malawian launch of the project.

“The presence of AFRIMA president at the launch signifies the importance of this initiative and the potential impact it can have on the music industry in Malawi,” Nkong said. “BridgeAfric aims to provide a platform for emerging artists in Malawi to showcase their talent and connect with industry professionals. We look forward to a successful launch event and the positive impact that BridgeAfric Malawi will have on the local music scene.”

The star-studded event slated to be held at the Banquet Hall of the majestic Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) in the capital, Lilongwe, is expected to attract several corporate executives, African artistes, entertainment stakeholders, celebrities, local and international media. BridgeAfric’s launch in Malawi will facilitate a talent workshop: Collaboration, Investments & Talent Development with seasoned African music giants in attendance. The workshop will provide a platform for local artistes to interact and share their experiences with big names in the entertainment industry.

Some of the biggest acts from Malawi, such as the Nyau King Tay Grin, Phyzix, Che Kalonda, Lulu, among others, will headline the Southern African launch of BridgeAfric. Other dignitaries expected to grace the event include Trace Representatives, representative of Live Nation in France, Ace Video Directors, 50 Cents Producer and other music business executives and international artistes from around Africa. Veteran music producer and entrepreneur Taps Bandawe will also be part of the speakers at the event while award-winning television personality Priscilla Kayira Nsane will be the moderator, as DJ Neptune will be on the decks.

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