June 14, 2024

Beautiful Camp opens in Jos, Abuja with support of Czech Republic

  • June 10, 2024
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Beautiful Camp opens in Jos, Abuja with support of Czech Republic

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WITH the support of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Czech Aid, Jos Repertory Theatre (JRT) is set to open Beautiful Camp in the cities of Jos and Abuja. The camp is an equality and non-discrimination project that leverages on equal political and public participation, and will involve youths from the six geo-political zones of Nigeria. The camp, which is both virtual and physical, will open with seminars and interactions before the four-day physical camp in Abuja that involves all the participants and a core group of facilitators who will reside and share ideas in a mutually respectful manner with participants from all the geo-political zones of Nigeria.

Using the arts as driver, the programme tends to localize the Transition Promotion Policy of the Czech Republic that encourages all aspects of democratic culture, respect for human rights, the rule of law and the wellbeing of society at large. It is a project that is aimed at upholding the principles of full participation in public affairs that lead to a global dialogue and the better enjoyment of human rights.

With Nigeria going through a torrid political and economic times, the visioners of the programme would rather young Nigerians are offered a different, positive and hoped-for alternative future to dream about: “Our conception is that it should be a beautiful beginning for these crop of young Nigerians. The Czech word for ‘beautiful’ is ‘krasne’, which actually means ‘all that is good and fine’,” explains JRT founder and director, Dr. Patrick Jude-Otteh.

Beautiful Camp is hinged on the idea that freedoms of thought and expression are essential to human dignity, which is part of the foundation on which democracy, rule of law and public participation are built, and which ultimately leads to a full realization of the human potential.


A scene from Czech’s playwright Vaclav Havel’s Audience performed by JRT when it toured the Czech Republic a few years ago

It is expected that Beautiful Camp will embody these ideals including but will not be limited to sharing ideas and experiences on freedom of expression and thought, conscience and religion, education and the overall transition promotion policy. The youths will participate in active citizenship games and situations thus developing their ability to evaluate information critically, and learning to form their own views. The goal of Beautiful Camp is to show how important their voice is, and supporting them in articulating that voice and showing what they can do when they mobilise together.

JRT will work in close association with the local Czech Embassy in Abuja to realize the ideals of Beautiful Camp. Part of the aims of Beautiful Camp will be to seek for the common good across the most difficult divides and offer hope in challenging and difficult times. Beautiful Camp project is supported by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Czech Aid under its Transition programme.

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