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A decade of legacy as 10th memorial service of Nelson Mandela holds in Asaba

  • December 4, 2023
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A decade of legacy as 10th memorial service of Nelson Mandela holds in Asaba

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THE 10th memorial service of Nelson Mandela is set to take place on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, at the Nelson Mandela Gardens and Resort located inside Asaba International Airport, Asaba, the Delta State capital. The event, scheduled to start at 6pm, will feature a candlelight session to honour the iconic African leader’s enduring legacy. The special guest of honour for this momentous occasion is the former governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan. Joining him will be the spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion, Diocese of Asaba, Bishop Kingsley Obuh and the South African Consul General, Prof. Bobby Moroe.

The Nelson Mandela memorial service has become an annual tradition, drawing attention to the remarkable life and contributions of Nelson Mandela, a global symbol of peace, justice, and reconciliation.

The convener of the event and chairman of Nelson Mandela Gardens and Resort, Dr. Newton Jibunoh shared his personal connection with Mandela’s legacy, when he said, “The motivation behind my continued celebration of Mandela stems from his inspiring impact on me, even in my teen years, witnessing his selfless fight for the emancipation of his people. My involvement in Mandela’s activist movement, including the ‘Free Mandela Movement,’ led me to rise as the vice president of the movement Mandela in London. Throughout this journey, I became acquainted with Mandela’s family, engaged in delivering speeches across various African countries for the movement, and eventually had the privilege of meeting him after his release.”

Nelson Mandela Park, Asaba

Jibunoh expressed his enduring admiration for Mandela, revealing how it translated into supporting the Mandela cause while he was alive and honouring his passing every year since. “Since the inception of Mandela Gardens, we have consistently observed World Mandela Day. However, this particular occasion holds special significance as it marks the 10th anniversary of his passing.

“In addition to celebrating Mandela Day on his birthday, as stipulated by the UN, we find it crucial to commemorate the anniversary of his passing, especially a decade later. This event allows us to reflect on Mandela’s teachings, renew our commitment to his ideals, and inspire the next generation to carry the torch of justice and equality.”

The 10th memorial service promises to be a reflective evening, bringing together leaders, dignitaries, and the community to honour Nelson Mandela’s enduring legacy. The candlelight session will symbolize the continued illumination of Mandela’s principles in the hearts and minds of people worldwide.

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